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    Safetivity products are a win-win for both our dealers
    and their customers.

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  • ICE Health Records

    ICE Health Records

    Store health records online
    Instantly accessible in an emergency

  • Private eVault

    Private eVault

    Online information management
    Share only what you choose

  • Identity Theft Restoration

    ID Theft Restoration

    Safetivity™ reduces the consequences of identity theft by providing victims with a certified Resolution Specialist.

  • Missing Person Alerts

    Missing Person Alerts

    Saving precious minutes, when time matters most.

  • GPS Theft Recovery

    GPS Theft Recovery

    Monitor and recover your assets if ever stolen

  • Safetivity ICE Membership

    ICE Membership

    Membership includes: Windshield decal, sticker, membership card, instructional DVD and mobile access.

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Protect yourself with Safetivity™

We all care about our personal safety, and the safety of those we love. The Safetivity™ product suite can save lives and help protect property. Safetivity™ ICE Health Records is an online health record that can be accessed by first responders in the event of an emergency. Identity theft is a growing problem and if your identity is compromised, the Safetivity™ Identity theft Restoration service will restore your identity at no cost. Electric copies of important personal documents can be stored in the Safetivity™ eVault and accessed from anywhere in the world. The Safetivity™ GPS allows you to track the location of your mobile assets, such as the family car, from any Internet enabled device.

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