Safetivity™ GPS Theft Recovery

Stay in control of your assets at all times.

Wouldn’t you like to know if your car was stolen (or even started by an unsupervised teen) and have the ability to shut it down? Safetivity™’s GPS Theft Recovery does just that! Keep your asset (and family) safe.


Starter Enable/Disable

Maintain control. This allows the owner to prevent the vehicle from being started at any time. Disable your asset right from your PC if moved without authorization!

Locate on Demand

Quick and simple location verification. This feature allows owners to locate their vehicle 24/7. Click your mouse and locate your asset in seconds!

Stop Verifier

Generated “stop” locations. This will show the owner where the vehicle has stopped for over 30 minutes. See where your asset has frequently stopped in road map, aerial, and bird’s eye views.

49 Hour Auto Report

The device will automatically locate itself. The report will be stored in the vehicle history and accessible at any time. Track your asset around the clock!